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  1. Salut, am vazut ca mai multa lume posteaza poze faine cu gameplay din jocuri si am zis sa incerc si eu. Mai jos sunt niste Screen-Shot-uri pe care le-am facut in-game. Sper ca va plac :)) Daca vrea cineva sa joace rust, sunt disponibil (PM) images.jfif
  2. Welcome This is both a welcome to you, the readers, and to ciciocosmin, a new artist on reddit. They've been working hard this week on Rust art, with five separate pieces going up on sub. It's a great collection of wallpapers for those looking for abstract, flat, or even silly Rust art. I had a lot to think about when selecting the header, but went with the giant 'R' because it was perfectly shaped for the site. NotGoodatNamingStuff said of one piece: "Nice art bro!" I mean, is there any higher praise? They're even unmarked, for those people who re-upload them on the Steam community and claim it as their own. Don't think I don't notice when that happens. Shadowfrax: A Rust Lore Documentary There are obvious questions hanging over Rust's backstory, so Shadowfrax has set out on an epic journey of discovery to see if he can figure out the Where, When, and What of Rust. He's tried to work out where Rust takes place by using the night sky, when it's all taking place, and even made an attempt at working out what's going on. He's done a very thorough job. It's a long piece, 25 minutes of your life will be sucked into it, but will you be spat out the other side more well informed than before? I could tell you, but Cobalt is watching me. Turns out it wasn't Cobalt, but my neighbour on a ladder unclogging his drains. I'm still not saying. Vertiigo: Chinook We're still working on the Chinook, a heli that will patrol the skies of servers, delivering the Scientists. Some of the work means that there will be support for players to fly the helis, albeit on unofficial servers. With that preamble out the way, let's watch Vertiigo get vertical, with a little help from Helk. That went as well as I expected it would. Art There's a pile of art in the header, but there's still more to see. On the left is Futch's mask/pumpkin thing. It's not quite Halloween, but I liked it. On the right is Lasrig's 3D printed Salvaged Axe. And And MrGoose0 posted a Youtube banner he made for Blooprint to reddit. Good art, all. Rcham: Trap Base Though I don't often link to Rcham's trap base stuff, I do watch it all. I think the way he draws people is creatively callous, and I like how he's always the bait. His latest ep is probably the best of that, drawing in someone as he pretends to raid. He has the calmest demeanor for a murderer. Xtab's Skin Picks I think the rock is once again my favourite thing in Xtab's most recent skin round-up. At least it gives me an excuse to post this. And Finally... I watched Jagger Murloc's random collection of games, and now you have to as well. I... Nope. Got nothing. Someone made it and now it exists.
  3. Salut! Recent nu am mai fost atat de activ pe forum-ul de Rust deoarece lucrez la un server. Ei, bine proiectul acesta va dura o perioada de timp.Voi incerca insa sa il termin in cel mai scurt timp posibil. Mai multe detalii aici: https://www.keyplex.ro/forums/forum/41-rust-server/
  4. Salutare Tuturor. Introducem viitorul nostru server de Rust! După cum probabil știți, lucrăm de ceva timp la crearea unui server de Rust. Statisticile beta vor apărea în curând în secțiunea #Taverna Developerilor a sub-forum-ului Rust. @Bait112, principalul developer și manager al acestui proiect și al secțiunii de Rust vă va informa despre viitoarele update-uri și lansarea oficială BETA în curând în cadrul aceleiași secțiuni. Speram din suflet ca apreciati munca pe care o depunem in cadrul acestui proiect - Keyloren
  5. Devblog 190 Season's beatings! Xmas has arrived in Rust. 14 December 2017 Christmas Event Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! The Christmas Event is now live! If you've been playing Rust for a while, you know what this means. If you haven't, here's what you can expect: Every once in a while you will hear the sound of jingle bells. Run outside and look for a gift! Two gifts are spawned per player, in a radius of about 40m from where you are standing. Run up and bash it open to receive your Christmas presents. They come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. If you have enough small presents stashed, you can "trade up" to a medium. If you choose to unwrap a present, the contents in each will vary. I won't blow the surprise here, but you'll find a mix of resources, weapons, and candy. Some players may receive coal for being terrible human beings. Some notable Christmas items you may find are Santa hats and reindeer antlers, both of which can be worn and provide a decent amount of protection. A candy cane club has also been added, which is a formidable and lickable weapon (seriously, you can lick it), and two types of stockings. If you hang a stocking inside your base, when the jingle bells ring the stocking will fill up with loot. The larger stocking has a higher chance for better items, and both last around 5-10 refills. We've also added a default blueprint craftable Christmas Tree. If you decide to create one, it'll start out bare, but you'll find the decorations within presents or you can trade for them. There are seven decorations to collect, and some are rarer than others. The decorations can also be recycled for materials. Have fun. We also have some purely cosmetic items available on the Item Store. You can find a Snowman, a Festive Window Garland, a Christmas Door Wreath, and best of all, Christmas Lights. I'm excited to see what kind of roleplayer homes people come up with! Shout out to blasterdevil on Reddit who thought up the snowman. You can go a little overboard with things. Have fun! Fireplace Deployable We've added a stone fireplace deployable. This is a common drop and will spawn as a blueprint. While this could be considered a Christmas item, it is really suitable for the game in general. Right now it is just a glorified campfire, but with 75% comfort and a larger range. Moving forward we would like to modify it so it heats the entire house/any connected building blocks that are indoors. P.S. Don't be afraid to hang your stockings above it! Furnace Skins Maurino Berry After a slight screw up last week, furnace skins are actually working. I've approved the three with the most community votes, you can find them here. Building Tier Changes Maurino Berry This probably should have been done last week, but we ran out of time. I've normalized the protection values for the various building tiers so that the hitpoints displayed make a lot more sense. Armored = 2000 hp Metal = 1000 hp Stone = 500 hp This works as expected in that metal is twice as strong as Stone, and Armored is twice as strong as metal. We've also gotten rid of the little holes in the various building tiers, which serves two purposes. First, you can consider upgrading to metal so people can't easily identify your loot room. Second: with the coming world culling changes, this will help with vastly improving framerates by not having to render anything inside/outside of the bases. Also, due to the ~60% ish increase in strength, we've increased the base cost for the Metal tier to 200 metal fragments instead of 150. Tool Cupboard Changes Maurino Berry I've added an extra row of slots to the tool cupboard. This is all we can do right now without reworking the UI, but work on this is not even close to done, so expect lots more changes up next. BTW, stop putting gunpowder and explosives in your cupboard, because when we hotfix the game to disallow that we'll just destroy any items that don't belong there. Vending Machine Exploit Fix Maurino Berry I fixed a longstanding issue with vending machines where you could use a broken item to make a purchase, screwing the shop owner over. Now any item that has condition will only work in a vending machine if it has at least 50% condition. This should be enough to sort out this issue now that people are buying (selling?) weapons a lot more often for research purposes. Deployable Decay Protection André Straubmeier I worked on some tech improvements for the upkeep and decay systems this week. Aside from optimizations, the big front-facing change is that deployables are now protected against decay when placed inside the building privilege radius. You can, for example, use this to keep your high external walls decay-free. This still needs some sort of UI change to make it easier to see whether or not something is placed inside the building privilege radius. For now, you need to check the building privilege badge at the bottom right corner of your screen. Barricade Repairs André Straubmeier You can now repair all barricades using the hammer tool. Who cares, right? Door Upkeep André Straubmeier Doors, wall frame inserts and floor frame inserts now also require upkeep since people have been abusing them to build bases with upkeep costs that were much lower than intended. Deployable Sounds Alex Rehberg I made it so that the open/close sounds on deployables will only play for the person doing the opening/closing. I was on the fence about having these be UI sounds or world sounds, and world was obviously not the right one to pick based on the response we got. After I sorted that I continued plowing through more deployable sounds. There are heaps of new interaction and deploy sounds in game now, and I only need another couple days to finish up the rest. I also made some minor tweaks to a few of the sounds that went in last week. AI Pål Trefall Animal behaviour has been overhauled over the past two weeks. They should now feel more predictable and consistent in how they react to your presence. Fleeing now works with two major factors. The first factor is that if health dips beneath a given threshold there is a chance they will flee. There are different thresholds and chance settings for different animals, and it doesn't matter what hurt them. The second factor is an afraid range and the specific things they are afraid of. If anything they are afraid of steps within range, and they are aware of that danger, they will flee. Animals have different cones of vision, meaning they can't sense what creeps up behind them very well, so it's still possible to get up close to an animal that's afraid of you. There's still reaction time in the system itself, which can sometimes make the animals react slowly. Aggression has an aggro range. When you step within that range, the animal's hostility and defensiveness define the chance of them going aggro. If you step within attack range, they will always aggro. There is a de-aggro range, which is always a little further away than the animal's aggro range. There is also a time constraint on how long they will chase you before giving up, which resets each time they manage to attack you. If animals are hungry, they will now go up to plants and other food sources to eat. Generally animals should now be more confident in their decisions and do less ping-pong between different decisions. When wandering they should more often stake a course and only apply dramatic turns when they get spooked, or when the path they are currently on can't be continued due to water or whatever else might obstruct that path. This new AI system should have an overall lighter affect on server performance.
  6. Hey guys! I am glad to tell you that Keyplex is able to host a Rust Server! Now it's up to you to decide if we should do it! Leave a vote in this poll!
  7. Devblog 189 Major changes incoming: Building 3.0, base upkeep, two new radtowns, procgen improvements, Hapis Island updates, and more. This patch wipes servers and blueprints. Enjoy! 7 December 2017 Building 3.0 André Straubmeier The new building system is in! Here's what you need to know: Foundations can now be placed at a half height offset Added half height walls Fixed various wall stacking exploits Roofs occupy wall sockets and can no longer be used as honeycombs Building privilege is emitted by the entire building There can only be one tool cupboard per building The team over at Rustafied have made a pretty nice introduction video about it all. Building Upkeep Maurino Berry Alright, I finished it. We used to have it so that as long as a door was opened, your base would not decay for days. This had a few problems associated with it. First, nothing ever decayed, because even if you lived somewhere near someone else and they opened their door, your base would never decay even after you had left the server with no intention to come back. This led to servers leaking entities like crazy and killing their performance. The second problem was that there was no real cost to building absolutely enormous buildings that were almost unraidable. You could just farm a million stone, spend it, and that was it; no repair costs, no nothing. It stayed pristine as long as a door was opened once every few days. This all changes today. First, the tool cupboard can now store resources, and these resources will be used to keep your base from decaying. You can think of this like a tax system, where the first section of blocks are 'taxed' at a certain rate to maintain their health, and the more and more blocks you add to your base the more expensive it gets. These values are all configurable via a convar and will need tweaking, but right now it’s set up like this: 1-15 blocks = 10% 15-40 blocks = 15% 40-75 blocks = 20% 75+ blocks = 33% This means if you have a two by one you'll have to pay 10% the cost of the base per 24 hours to maintain upkeep, which is peanuts. However, giant clan bases will need a very significant amount of resources to prevent them from decaying. The idea here is that you'll need to be smart with your builds, because it's not free forever. The entire concept of honeycombing is pretty ridiculous, but it made perfect sense with the old meta of the game. As I've said in many devblogs, we would like to move towards more intelligently designed bases, with traps and triggers as your defences, instead of simply blocking raiders with 50,000 HPs worth of stone. Secondly, your base will decay from the outside in, so the very center of your base will be safest for longer. All the decay times are configured via convars in the console, but the defaults are like this: Twig = 1hr Wood = 2hr Stone = 3hr Metal = 5hr Armored = 12hr This means that if you have an entire base of stone and are not maintaining its upkeep, every 3 hours you'll lose a 'layer'. Thirdly, if you are maintaining upkeep, your base will repair itself, very slowly, at the same rate that it would have decayed at. So if you do screw up, as long as you put the resources back in the TC, the hard to reach walls and sectioned off areas of your base will repair themselves. Everyone is going to freak the hell out and downvote us on Steam, and I'll say the same thing I always say when we make a big change: it's not final, we're going to balance it based on feedback, and the goal here is to make the game better, not worse. Some people have already said they wanted a 'grace' period before decay, but I can't see how that would happen. It seems like people would just put the resources in for a single tick, and then take them out to reset the grace period. I'm going to have to add some help and pop-ups for this next week, so it's a lot more obvious what is happening, as well as do some things like visualize the building privilege zone when you have the hammer out. Oh, and all of this is totally configurable via console commands. Server owners can do: decay.upkeep false And everything will go back to what it was before, but besides that, hopefully we'll be able to get a fine-tuned balance by next week if people experiment with these values. At least for once people can't bitch that we are hurting solo players instead of zergs, eh? Workbench Changes Maurino Berry The cost of experimenting at the Tier 1 workbench has been reduced from 100 scrap to 75 scrap. I figured it was a little too steep, so let's see how this plays out. You'll also notice that the Stone Spear no longer requires a workbench, and the Dropbox now requires Tier 1 instead of Tier 2. Armored Tier Balance Maurino Berry This tier of building was rarely, if ever, used. Probably because of the bonkers cost. I've changed the Armored tier pricing from 50 HQM, 400 Stone, 300 Wood to a more reasonable 25 HQM. In addition, the price of the doors has been slightly reduced down to 20 HQM. I believe this was important to address, as making budget bases will be more of a thing with the upkeep changes. Grenade Fixes Maurino Berry Remember how I tried to patch grenades to suck less by having you throw them farther and faster? Remember how that only fixed half of the problem? Well, the other half of the changes are now in, and hopefully you’ll see an improvement. You'll notice that the player’s velocity is inherited by the grenade, like in other first person shooters. This means running forward and jumping will propel the grenade even farther than before. I've also doubled the blast radius of the grenade, so it'll be a lot more lethal. Let me know if this is enough, hopefully we'll see more of them being used now! New Monument Placement André Straubmeier The algorithm that determines the spawn locations of monuments has been completely reworked. Monuments are now spawned in the best distribution to fit as many of them on the map as possible. This helps with the problem of huge areas of wasteland without anything interesting in sight that some seeds were having. New Road Generation André Straubmeier Procedural roads now connect to the roads that are part of the monuments. This means all monuments can specify in and out points where the roads can connect to, rather than being completely disconnected from the procedural road network. This not only looks much more realistic, but it also opens the door for future AI to patrol along the road network from monument to monument. I've also made everything much more solid by fixing a number of small bugs. Roads are no longer split in half by rivers, there are no more gaps between roads and terrain, and it's no longer possible for roads to be partially flooded by water. New Power Line Generation André Straubmeier The power line generation now uses the same algorithm as the procedural road generation. They are laid out in a much more realistic way which now looks like an actual power grid. One cool side effect of this is that when power lines meet at an intersection point, a power substation monument is spawned in that location. Biome Tweaks André Straubmeier The arctic biome and the arid biome have gotten slightly bigger with this week's changes to the procedural maps. I've also fixed a bug that caused the arctic biome to rarely have any monuments in it since the ice lakes were blocking all the spawn locations, which should hopefully make it more interesting. Building Placement Errors André Straubmeier As you might know, when trying to place something in an invalid location its placement guide turns red. But you never really knew why it's invalid. I decided that with the major changes to the building system it was time to print an error message when trying to place something in an invalid location so you know what's going on. Health Bars André Straubmeier Health bars are no longer always shown on building blocks and deployables. Instead, they are only visible if the entity has less than 95% of its maximum health, or if you have the hammer equipped. We think this feels a lot cleaner, particularly at night. Junkyard Is In! Vincent Mayeur The junkyard is ready to go. It's a different beast compared to what I usually produce in terms of monuments: more detail focused, with pockets of action and lots of choke points. We wanted to control the flow throughout the level a bit more as opposed to the wild open spaces and multitude of paths that older monuments offered. Mining Quarry Is Also In! Damian Lazarski The new mining quarry monuments are going live with today's patch. There are now three different quarry variants spawning per map. Old deployable quarries are no longer craftable, and only the ones found at monuments can be used. They will spawn only in Tier 2 parts of the map, in different biomes depending on the world seed. Given their rarity, these areas should be very heavily contested, with different factions fighting for control. Each Quarry will produce a different resource and will be marked accordingly on the map. You can expect to find HQM, Sulfur, or Stone/Metal Quarries. New Road Visuals Vincent Mayeur I had this sorted a long time ago, and we finally got around to applying it with André's help this week. The original plan was to alternate between segments of dirt and asphalt road, but this will likely come later. Overall, the roads on procedural maps are more flush with the terrain surface, are more visually interesting to look at, and are easier to see throughout the landscape. Small Furnace Vincent Mayeur After a lot of community feedback last week, I reworked the small furnace a bit more. It's now packed with nostalgic appeal! We've added it this week. And it's skinnable. Hapis Island Update Alistair McFarlane Hapis Island has needed some love for a long time, so today we are rolling out a bunch of changes. These include: Added Launch Site Added Ice sheets and Icebergs Added "Pumping Station" and "Abandoned Boat" loot areas Added new static quarries Brought back old caves Complete rework of site A Moved Site B to east coast Fixes to loot and ore scarcity Fixes to older radtowns Here are some shots of the new/improved areas. I plan to continue working on Hapis for the next force wipe, mainly bringing the older radtowns up to date using all our new assets, and fixing any remaining issues. I look forward to receiving feedback and suggestions to further improve Hapis. Occlusion Culling Continued Diogo Teixeira After detecting quite a few false negative cases last week I decided to review the entire process and detected a few cases where it should have been more conservative. Additionally, I rolled out a workaround for one of the most complicated problems in this system, the frame delay. For this fix I took the opportunity to drastically optimize one of the system's worst bottlenecks, which is now 6x faster. Besides edge-case fixes, trees are now culled along with other objects and dynamic items like drops are now supported as well. The biggest issue right now are probably shadows. You may notice them popping or even disappearing in some cases. This is not caused by bugs in the culling system, we just need to ensure that objects invisible to the camera might still be visible to the lights and act accordingly. Please note that we renamed the convar until culling is stable again. If you wish to see how much you can gain from enabling culling, just type "culling.env 1" on the console. Please note that there might still be pending issues. We're doing one more week for another round testing and fixing before enabling it by default. If you find too many problems, just type "culling.env 0" on the console to disable it. Steamworks Update Garry Newman I updated our Steamworks implementation this week. We're now on 0.7. It fixes a bunch of stuff (which you can see here). Removed P2P Voice Garry Newman Our voice chat went through Steam's P2P network. This was a win for us because it meant that players could send voice data straight to each other, instead of routing via the server. But apparently people were using this system to discover each other's IP addresses and DDOS them. So now we do it the old fashioned way. This has benefits, though. It kind of opens up the way for things like loudspeaker systems, phones, tape recorders, etc. All that good feature leak stuff that does nothing to get the game out of early access, but gives us a warm fuzzy feeling in our tummies. Water Effects Minh Le I've been working on water based special effects for various events, like bullets hitting the water and explosions underwater. This video shows what I've come up with so far. There's still room for improvement with regards to the harsh clipping plane when the sprites intersect with the water. I'll have to talk to Diogo about ways to alleviate that issue. I also tweaked the water effects for when vehicles move through water. This can be used for boats in the future. Deployable Sounds Alex Rehberg I've been focused on adding and improving sounds for deployable objects this week. There are new on/off and ignite/extinguish sounds for pretty much everything, and the searchlight has a new sound when you aim it around. Any objects that didn't have their own active loop yet (refinery, searchlight, etc.) all have unique loops that play while they're turned on, and some existing ones have been polished and updated. I'm working on adding open/close sounds to everything you can loot now. Only the two wooden boxes and the small furnace will have those added this week, but the rest should be done very soon. I've also continued working on the placement sounds for deployables that still need them. 189
  8. Devblog 188 Dropped objects now have outlines, the first look at the stone quarry monument, recoil fixes, map changes, and more. 30 November 2017 Object Outlines Maurino Berry I worked on a feature this week that allows us to have a glowing outline around any object we'd like. For now I've added this feature to dropped world items. How it works is if you drop an item and it is partially occluded (by grass, perhaps) it will show you an outline around it, making it easier to find. It'll also show you a brighter outline when you're actually aiming right at the object. This effect is not in play during night time. We may expand this feature to other elements of the game moving forward, but I want to be careful not to break whatever semblance of immersion we have with giant overlays on everything, so we'll see how this pans out. BoneFollower Fixes Maurino Berry I squashed the bug affecting mods that were using parented entities as mountables. This means all those mods with helicopters and horse riding will now work as expected, with no constant teleporting back and forth when the object you are riding moves. Yay! Grenade Changes Maurino Berry I've modified the way grenades work, so now it's much faster to pull the pin and release them. I've also removed the whole 'longer held = longer throw' mechanic, so they just throw at full velocity all the time. Maybe we'll revisit this in the future, but for now it feels a hell of a lot closer to grenades in every other game. Accuracy/Recoil Changes Maurino Berry I've modified stance recoil so that it only comes into effect when you're moving or after the first shot. This means if you're running and gunning you will suffer a minor aimcone penalty, but if you stand still and tap you're as good as crouching in this regard. However, crouching still yields a 50% reduction in the recoil/screen bounce. I think everyone will be pretty happy with these changes as they allow perfect accuracy for slower skillful tap shots. I also had a chance to fix the over the top aimcone experienced by the Thompson, which was left out of the redux a few months ago. My apologies! Semi-Auto Changes Maurino Berry I've finalized the recoil system for semi-auto weapons and have applied it to any affected weapons. It should be much easier to hit targets at range when tapping, as their aimcone is reduced to almost nothing. I also removed almost all horizontal recoil and aimcone will only come into play if you tap really fast at targets much farther away than the weapons original intention (i.e. pistols). Even then it's far lower than you'd find in any other game, and I think it feels pretty good. I've also significantly lowered the aim sway experienced by them, as it was mainly just an over the top annoyance and felt wrong. Tree Minigame Fix Maurino Berry Another change to the tree minigame: the Xs will no longer appear so low that you are required to crouch. I believe this is the last of the annoyances the game was perceived to have. The only thing remaining would be color blind options. My apologies to all the Rust players affected by this out there. We'll have to do a little bit of research and consider a color blind convar, which will substitute color blind friendly colors across the whole game. Map Improvements André Straubmeier I've started working on some map improvements for the next wipe. Monuments now simulate a large number of potential placements and pick the one that fits the most monuments on the map. Up until now the map generation was only trying to find a spot for the high priority monuments and was okay with having less of the other ones around, even if there were more ideal options available that could fit much more monuments into the same space. Roads are no longer split in half by rivers or flooded with water, and monuments can finally specify the exact points the road network should connect to. The idea is to make roads go in and out of the monuments in a smooth and realistic looking way by making sure they align with the roads that are part of the monument itself. There's still some work left to be done on this, particularly with regards to the visual transition from the procedural road to the static road that's included in the monument. While I was at it I also solved the annoying "user-provided triangle mesh descriptor is invalid" error that could happen on certain seeds. Powerlines are now using the same layout algorithm roads are using, which means they can connect to each other using the power substation monuments, similar to how roads create intersections. Biome-wise I reduced the size of the arctic biome slightly as it got a little bit out of hand with last month's wiping update. I also slightly increased the arid biome, but I'm not entirely sure if I should make the tempeate biome larger instead. Let me know your thoughts! All of these changes will go live with the next wiping update, together with the new building system. Occlusion Culling 2.0 Diogo Teixeira Last week I announced we were expanding visibility occlusion culling to most objects. A recent improvement made this possible and we started getting some very promising results. The following gif shows the kind of improvements we can get. Please notice the statistics panel on the top-right of the screenshot: In some extreme cases it can even cut down rendering time in half. Especially when inside buildings. However, this technique is not without its flaws. For example, rotating the camera really fast or opening a door too quick can trigger false negatives, causing some newly visible objects to be invisible for a whole frame. Thankfully, there are workarounds for most of the issues and that's what we're working on at the moment. It's extremely important that the system is stable and robust so we'll be testing and fixing until it's ready for everyone. The revamped culling is available for testing now, albeit disabled by default, so you can do a test run and get an idea of the kind of performance benefits you will get. To enable it simply type "culling.world 1" on the console. Admire Animations Alex Webster More progress this week. Helk has expressed a desire to get these in soon, so I'm now going to blast through the remaining viewmodels, adding placeholder animations that can be iterated on later. After that, I'll be setting up the animators and triggers in Unity, then handing over to Helk to handle the code side of things. Mining Quarry Monument Damian Lazarski This week I've been working on a new type of monument containing static stone quarries. There will be only a few of these monuments per server, so the idea is to turn them into an important resource that players can compete for. These monuments will be quite small in size, making it possible to wall them off and create a compound. Below is a little sneak peak of the first variant: Hair Colour Matt Isaac This week Diogo and I have been implementing hair colour in to the game to help characters feel a bit more unique and to open up more possibilities in the future. So far there are five different hair colours: Brunette, Auburn, Dark, Ginger and Light. It also affects facial and body hair too for a bit of consistency. The system is robust enough to do any colour, but I've tried to keep the hair colours reasonably natural for now. I plan on adding more in the coming weeks, and definitely making some of the less exciting combinations more interesting, so you don't feel left out if you haven't got a glorious ginger do. Craftable Hazmat Suit Taylor Reynolds I've only got a few small things left to do on the craftable hazmat suit, but unfortunately wasn't able to get them done for this week's patch. The oxygen tank and accompanying tubes still need to be textured, but here's a shot of the upper body in all it's MacGyvered glory. Advanced Lootbox Thomas Butters The second lootbox is finished and ready to implement when needed. It's a trusty old red toolbox. Unlike the primitive lootbox, this one will have more advanced tools inside. I was speaking to Matt and Paul, and we think that including some smaller, more unique features--like the Post-It note--visually makes the loot boxes more identifiable within the world. As always, take a look and spin below! The 3D viewer should work quite well on mobile devices too. Advanced Toolbox - Rust Small Furnace Update Vincent Mayeur In a bid to align the quality of some older assets with the newest additions, I have reworked the old small furnace. It will most likely be ready for next week's patch. Here's a sneak peek: Sounds Alex Rehberg I've been doing some organization and working my way through finalizing any sounds that still don't feel up to snuff this week. I've started using spreadsheets to track status and take notes on every sound in a game with a few other FP projects and it's been insanely helpful. I didn't have this as a part of my workflow when I started on Rust, so I'm cataloguing everything now. It's a bit of a pain in the ass to get this going this late, so I'm doing it in chunks as I go over groups of sounds. It's already been pretty helpful! I went over deployable placement sounds this week. A lot of them were too percussive and lacking in texture so I've beefed some up and redesigned some of them from scratch. I've also noted any deployables that don't have proper placement sounds yet and started work on a bunch of those. I also went over a few of our footsteps this week. Concrete steps felt a little too clean and clinical for how grungy Rust is, so I've dirtied those up a bit. I also smoothed some dirt footsteps out so they're a bit less stompy, made metal footsteps quieter (particularly the jump landing, yeesh), smoothed levels out between different footwear/surfaces, and made some EQ tweaks to help everything feel a little more consistent and gelled together. I started working on on/off and open/close sounds for a bunch of deployables this week too. There's new on/off sounds for the ceiling light, small furnace, and campfire in game now, and a bunch more in the works. I really like the little bit of extra juice these give interactions with objects, so I'm going to be adding sounds to any of these open/close/ignite/extinguish type actions you can perform over the next couple weeks I made a handful of tweaks to a bunch of random sounds this week too. This was mostly mix related stuff like volume and EQ adjustments. AI Pål Trefall Animals should no longer attack players through foundations or walls. I'm in the process of reworking the AI for animal behaviour, which will also lay the foundation for scientists. Focus is to improve the designability of our AI and behaviour predictability. horses.mp4 admire_anims_04.mp4
  9. There you go! Some Art Showcase of this game:
  10. I am glad to announce the new: Rust forum! I would to thank @Keyloren for making me the leader of this Rust Project. As a new Leader for this Forum I will try my best to for a new community for this game. Every BUG/REPORT can be made with PM. Hope you will appreciate my work! As an preview for this game:
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