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  • Shopping Rules:

    Regards, Seller / Buyer,

    As you know, Fallacy Network is a safe place for everyone, so everyone must follow some rules before sale or buy something. You may know that of you don't follow these rules, we cannot offer you support for bad situations.


    • Fallacy Network will not give you the money back in case of a fake purchase, but we will ensure that if you have clear evidence, we will permanently ban the seller from the site.
    • Do not comment to anyone posts using bad words like: "Who The F**K needs this?" or "This thing is useless!". Also all the site rules are available here.
    • If the Administrators will ask you to give them the File or a proof which may provide the availability, you need to PM them, otherwise your post may be deleted or your Sell / Buy Privileges may be removed.
    • You are not allowed to write comments like: "Up", "Come on, someone?" or "Why anyone ignore this post"
    • You are not allowed to negotiate the main price in the comments. You are only allowed to do this using Private Messaging.
    • You are not allowed to Sell strange or inappropriate things like: "Your mom", "You, B***H". You will be instant banned if you do this.


    * Administrators can ask you to provide a video with you as proof of product uniqueness.

    * Moderators are not allowed to lock a post.

    * If you are a Donator you can contact an Administrator for pining your post. [ Powerplay Benefit ]

    * If you are a normal user, you must be provided by a moderated before posting something.





    General Rules:

    Warning, some spoilers may contain sensitive content!


    Do not post boost (1 Warning Point):

    Posting irrelevant content or repeated information (for users posted repeated information after a 30 minutes margin and had 15 or more posts in similar fashion within 2 days; repeated answer with no additional information an hour past the original reply in Help section) as previously stated in the thread in order to increase your post count; bumping people's thread without writing any relevant or constructive replies; 4 or more consecutive posts.


    "This Thread is useless. I just created it to gain more posts."



    Do not necro-post (1 Warning Point):

    Posting on a thread that hasn't been commented on for more than a week. The OP may necro-post in order to bump their thread given that they have followed no excessive bumping rule, but others may not bump for them. Exception if the thread is a sticky thread or any thread in any Recruitment sections.



    Do not bump your thread more than once (1 Warning Point):



    OP is allowed to bump their thread at any given time that they desire and they are only allowed to do it once. The allowed time for OP to bump their thread is within 3 months from the last post, after which they are no longer allowed to bump. Only OP is allowed to bump their own threads. An indirect bump is also considered as a bump. Exception being if the OP is updating their thread with new contents and updates, in Arts and Banner and Build Showcase only.



    Do not mini-mod (1 Warning Point):

    *Mini-modding is the act of behaving or responding in mannerisms in the ways that a staff member would. This includes acting as if you have jurisdiction to warn people for breaking the rules.


    "please do not _____" ; "doing so and so may result in forum warning points"

    "You made two of these threads, delete one before a mod does."

    "Hi there, please don't double post on the forums. Edit your post instead, thanks."

    "Sick necro-post, ___. Can we get a Staff Member over here?"

    "Requesting thread lock"



    Do not be rude to others (2 Warning Points):

    Being intentionally rude to other players. Putting someone down, insulting them, name calling, or being generally rude; inappropriate use of image/meme to insult others


    "another idiotic thread"

    "guess what you've accomplished with this thread, sir! (image of literal potato farm)"

    Futurama meme: "So what point does this thread have? Oh yeah, none."

    (in response to a colorful post meant to help someone) the tryhard is strong in this one.



    Do not reverse staff actions (2 Warning Points):

    This includes but not limited to unlocking a thread after it has been locked by a staff member or re-adding something back into a post that a staff member has removed; re-posting a thread after thread has been locked/archived.



    Do not spam or flood the page with multiple posts (2 Warning Points):

    Spamming including but not limited to hashtags, images, videos, random messages.



    Do not troll or make troll posts/threads (2 Warning Points):

    *This includes making posts which are purposely difficult to read, or intentionally trying to confuse/trick players, spoiling any movies/books. Posting threads showing OP purposely trying to get themselves banned and harass staff about it.


    Posting threads telling people how to "reduce lag", with advice that would instead damage someone's computer if they followed it.

    Creating a thread based on wildly far-fetched ideas (for example,"We should ban all players above level 4, because they're too OP lel this idea is legit").



    Do not make inappropriate posts/threads (2 Warning Points):

    This includes but not limited to posting content that is not age appropriate for young audiences, use of sexual references, or profane language or use image/meme in an inappropriate way. Whether or not a thread or post is inappropriate is deemed at the discretion of the Staff Team.



    Do not post inappropriate link(s) (3 Warning Points):

    This includes but not limited to posting links that contains inappropriate contents, illegal distribution of any content (software/game/music/etc)



    Do not create spam or troll applications (2 Warning Points):

    This warning can occur when you spam or troll with the Trainee Application, Appeal, Map submission etc. This can occur when you post the exact same answer to each question such as '2' or constantly sending in a new application before the two week waiting period.



    Do not post Non-Fallacy related or offensive videos/channels(3 Warning Points):

    This includes but not limited to posting non-Fallacy related videos/channels on the forums. For example,
    - videos that contains contents from other GTA V servers
    - videos that are used to insult other people (eg. Moon man)
    - (captioned) videos that are ripped off from other sources (eg. Hitler's reaction, Mexican Interview video clip)
    - videos showing hacking on Fallacy servers

    *Videos such as speedart and renders are most definitely welcome given that they do not break any forum rules.



    Do not be disrespectful to other users (4 Warning Points):

    *Disrespect is a more severe form of general rudeness.


    "this thread is cancerous."

    "you're such a butthurt tryhard. get off the forums and get a life."



    Do not light advertise (4 Warning Points):

    Threads and/or discussion centered around rival/other servers are not allowed. Directly/Indirectly advertising social media related are also not allowed.


    "Fallacy VS Underground, which is the best server?"

    "Fallacy  copied Eclipse Rp!"

    "Fallacy lost it's #1 spot to Mafia City!?"

    "Follow me on Twitter here: link to twitter"



    Do not plagiarize (4 Warning Points):

    *Copying another's work, post, thread, or idea. Whether a post is considered plagiarism or not will be decided by the Forums Administrators.



    Do not discriminate (6 Warning Points):

    *Discrimination is when you are insulting someone's sexuality, race, religion, etc.


    "I hate you because you are a black and you guys suck!!!"



    Do not engage in unapproved transactions (4 Warning Points):

    *An unapproved transaction is when a user tries to buy or sell any type of product through our forums. This rule encompasses but is not limited to; selling Fivem accounts or ranks.


    "Guys, whoever wants a rich Fivem account for this server--PM me!"

    "Looking to buy a used Xbox. Here's my PayPal info. Comment if you have one to sell!"



    Do not spread hate about staff or the community (4 warning points) (Applicable to wall posts):

    This includes but no limited to using any methods in order to bring hate to any individual of the community, including staff members, YTs, Twitch Streams and etc. This also includes actively supporting and helping spreading hate brought up by other community member(s).



    Do not spread uncalled-for negativity (1 warning point):

    Spreading false or negative rumours about staff or the community to achieve the purpose of bringing hate to the community. This includes supporting and actively helping to spread these ideas, even if you didn't come up with them yourself.



    Do not spread uncalled-for negativity (1 warning point):

    Posting comments/remarks which contains hateful attitude, or uncalled-for negativity. Something that might not be necessarily rude.


    "more like Fallacy's world war 967"



    Do not make threads to promote any downloadable apps/software (0 warning point):

    This is including but not limited to threads that includes any downloadable contents such as report tools, map/mod download. Any thread that violates this rule will be archived and OP will receive a warning message. Reposting will result in a warning for reverse staff action.



    Do not make threads that are sexual, religious, and political in nature or anything that does not belong on a gaming community forums (0 warning point):

    This is including but not limited to any threads that are centered around discussion of sexuality, religious or political issues. We want to ensure that all discussions on Fallacy.ro stay fun and game related. Such thread will be archived and OP will be issued with this warning point.



    Non-Constructive Criticisms/Feedback (2 warning points):

    This includes all threads and posts that have given a non-constructive criticism or negative feedback. As part of the forums guidelines, we require all criticisms to be constructive with suggestions on how it should be fixed or how it could be improved. Simply saying "this sucks" will no longer be tolerated without a good constructive suggestion.


    "This thread/update sucks!"

    "I disagree red_x_image"



    Excessive Quote Tower (0 warning point):

    This warning is used when a player quoted 4 or more quotes together, have a single quote that's more than 20 lines long or including image/video in the quote.


    "User 1 worte:"

    "User 2 wrote:"

    "User 3 wrote:"




    Forum Ban Offences (Applicable to wall posts)



    Advertising other servers/websites/discords/teamspeaks/etc (Not applicable to wall posts):

    All links/IPs are not approved unless they're explicitly approved by Admin+. You may not directly or indirectly advertise on your forums threads.


    “Check out my discord on my wall/video description”




    *Any fraudulent scheme which would bring one profit while loss to the others and/or compromise player account.



    Malicious threats:

    *Any threat not limited to intention of harming or killing of a player (or their family), or threat with intention to hack or DDOS a player/server.



    Bullying/Harassment (multiple instances needed):

    This is including but not limited to bullying on the forum, on player's wall, or private messages.

    Example (on Keyloren's wall):

    A USER:   "I hope you will get cancer."

    ANOTHER USER: "I hope that you will get cancer too."



    Posting pornographic content (Permanent Ban)


    Creating 4+ appeals within 30 days. (Not applicable to wall posts)


    Being a spam bot.


    Slandering staff or community members (in excess):

    This includes but not limited to accuse staff of being bias, favoritism, corruption. If you believe these things are legitimately happening, please submit a support ticket explaining the situation and we'll make sure that it is appropriately dealt with.



    Spreading negative rumors (in excess):

    This includes but not limited to spreading rumors about ex-staff's demotion, accuse staff of being bias, favoritism, corruption




    Thread locks:


    The OP has deleted the original post


    The OP or staff member has requested a thread lock


    The thread has been necro-posted on


    The question/concern has been addressed


    The OP breaks major forum rules (E.g.: plagiarism) archive if OP is banned from that thread


    The thread has turned into a flamewar (E.g.: no real replies but simply insulting each other)


    The thread contains hate on staff/community member/Fallacy written in a way that is not constructive or in a positive manner.


    Threads that are about "I quit" or "I'm leaving"


    Threads that are directly attacking or criticising staff including but not limited to calling staff corrupt.


    Threads which are not titled appropriately (click-bait).


    Threads which are in violation of the forums guidelines.



    Giveaway Rules:

    *Breaking these rules could result in your giveaway being deleted, your likes being reset, or your account being permanently forum banned. If you have any questions regarding the rules or giveaways in general please PM any forum staff.


    Do not create fake giveaways:
    This means if you promise to give away a prize and it is not given out or you cannot provide proof that the winner has received the prize you will be forum banned. If the original poster’s IP comes up the same as the winner’s IP both accounts will be permanently forum banned.

    No advertising your /server/website/YouTube channel:
    You may not link your YouTube channel, server, or website whatsoever in your giveaway.

    Do not set a requirement for the giveaway to end other than a date:
    You may not create a goal to reach before you end your giveaway such as “once this thread gets 300 likes the giveaway will end”. However you can create a date which your giveaway will end by such as “I will pick a winner on February 1st”.

    Do not run multiple giveaways at the same time, instead compile them into one thread:
    If you have multiple giveaways open at the same time they will all be deleted.

    You may only giveaway Fallacy related prizes:
    This means you cannot be giving away prizes unrelated to Fallacy such as Fivem accounts or Paypal money. However, you may giveaway arts. The art can be but not limited to IPS banners, avatars, logos, posters, character drawing/sketches etc as long the art is appropriate and it's not copied/traced from somewhere or someone else.

    All giveaways must end after one month:
    You can host your giveaway for any duration but the maximum duration is one month.

    Do not redirect your giveaway elsewhere:
    This means you must host all your giveaways here on the forums itself. You may not redirect the giveaway to your wall / Youtube channel/video / etc. All the giveaway details and requirements should be indicated in the giveaway forum post clearly.


    Appeal Rules:

    Do not spam appeals (That might result to a canceled appeal)

    Do not create an appeal before 30 days from the date the last was rejected/accepted

    Do not create troll appeals




    *Breaking any forum rules will cause you to receive different amounts of warning points depending on the severity of the rule broken. Making an attempt to work around or abuse loopholes in the rules will also cause you to be warned (i.e. Purposely delete your necro post and cause other players to necro post and punished in your place). Receiving 8 warning points will result in a permanent ban. On rare occasions a player may be permanently banned without warning, this will only happen with large infractions.

    *Any malicious activity on IPS (Platform), such as harassment, bullying, or pornographic content may result in permanent forum ban. This includes but is not limited to wall posts, global signatures, and usernames. Bullying or Harassment punishments are only given in extreme cases where a user has committed multiple instances of the offence.

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